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Arizona DPS Busts Fake ID Manufacturer in Scottsdale

Arizona DPS Busts Fake ID Manufacturer in Scottsdale

Department of Public Safety officers served a warrant at a home in Scottsdale today and found just about everything needed to make fake IDs, as well as two Mexican men they believe were running the operation.

Considering what DPS officers found, we’re gonna go ahead and assume the two guys weren’t trying to help college kids get into the bars.

Officers busted into two houses at 8423 and 8427 East Coronado about 6:45 this morning and among other things, found 14 fake Mexican, Honduran, and El Salvadorian ID Cards, six fake Arizona IDs, fake id computers, 450 pages of blank card stock, five credit cards, cash, and a loaded .22 caliber revolver.

As the raid took place, two men, 24 year old Efren Mariano Flores and 31 year old Quintana Roo, scannable fake ids both from Mexico, tried escaping through the back door but were stopped by DPS officers and arrested.

According to a DPS statement, the two men were investigated for more than a month and are believed to have been creating phony driver’s licenses from Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Idaho.

The men are also believed to have been making bogus Social Security cards so customers could obtain identities in the United States.

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