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Identification Card Producers and the Supply of Novelty and Fake ID

Identification Card Producers and the Supply of Novelty and Fake ID

Bedfordshire England

Nov. 13, 2009 PRLog As the costs of identity card production rise, the market for identity bureaus has developed, meeting the needs of business and government agencies who wish to outsource their identity card needs, due to the increased costs associated with manufacturing secure identity cards.

The increased use of identification cards is evident in most business areas where employees are required to represent a company, or organisation, and in some cases they are legally required in the case of law enforcement. The usefulness of id cards though in recent years has come under scrutiny as even the most simplest and unassuming tasks will now be represented by somebody bearing an identity card. Scannable Fake IDs The identity card bureaus have capitalised on this, but in looking for more lucrative and profitable revenue streams some operate within the grey area of novelty identification, or more commonly coined as fake id production.

The novelty and fake identification cards produced generally are of the fake student, fake driving license, and fake proof of age cards, other designs commonly available may follow themes of fake imitation national identity or fake work related cards such reporters, pilots, vicars etc. All the cards are sold as novelty products, Fake ID and providing the purchaser is aware and agrees to these terms of sale which often include disclaimers warning of their misuse potentially being illegal, the cards therefore are legal to manufacture and sell. Within the industry, novelty and fake ID production may be seen as objectionable but the higher returns explain why some suppliers offer these fake id cards.

The fake id companies that have emerged to fulfill the demand within the market are condemned by official organisations which state that problems of underage drinking are attributable to the ease of availabiltiy of novelty and fake id cards. The fake id companies involved refute these claims, and state that the point of sale is at fault for not be vigilant enough in asking for offical and approved genuine identification.

Until a secure and viable alternative is available, identity badges and cards will be the mainstay of being able to quickly and easily identify groups of people, even if it is just for the innocent local bookclub. filltrustid

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