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Identity Card FAKE or NOT

Identity Card FAKE or NOT

I posted a related add and no one replied. My friend is a none national whom paid someone for a portuguese IDENTITY CARD. It looks like the real thing as per images on the net and having seen one from a portuguese national. BUT IS IT REAL OR A FAKE?? Scannable Fake IDs

Please can anyone tel me how to find out or check if it is A FAKE OR NOT. I was thinking of making a call to the consulate and say that I would like to verify a IDENTITY CARD as this person is seeking employment at my compay. Would this help.

I don’t live in Portugal, but I suspect that even in Portugal, buy fake ids the government issues their National ID card directly.

The issuing body, be it a government agency or other private organization, would also be the people to contact to validate the ID card. If this card is issued by the Government of Portugal, fake ids contacting the consulate (if you are not in Portugal) is a good starting point.

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