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Immigration Woes ‘Must Prompt ID Card Review’

Immigration Woes ‘Must Prompt ID Card Review’

Some 181,000 people who should have left the UK may still be in the country, the agency estimates, but « it does not have the right information to know if this is an accurate estimate ».

Mrs Hodge told Sky News: « One of the most important rationales for introducing an ID card system was that it would make it much easier for us to control our borders.

« I believe. this Government will have to return to that issue.

« Without ID cards you can’t control borders and if you can’t control borders, pretending you can control numbers is simply never going to happen. fake ids  »

After coming to power, the coalition scrapped Labour’s plans to introduce ID cards for foreign nationals.

Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats had been against the policy while in opposition.

However, David Cameron has said the number of immigrants coming to the UK every year must be slashed from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.

As part of the Government’s plans to cut immigration, a cap on the number of workers coming to the country from outside the EU began in April.

Mrs Hodge said while the current system was better than its predecessor, focusing on numbers was a « no win situation ». Best Fake ID websites

« I have been long of the view that it’s incredibly tough to try and control numbers coming into the country, » she said.

« People will always find a way to come to the UK because of the advantages we offer.

« I would be tougher on eligibility criteria for accessing things like the benefits system, or accessing social housing, than focusing on numbers. »

The committee also highlighted concerns at the lack of control of workers entering Britain through a system not covered by the immigration cap which allows multinational companies to transfer their workers to the UK.

The MPs’ report found many workers enter through this route and, for instance, Best Fake ID websites tens of thousands of IT workers have been brought in through intra company transfers at a time when UK residents with IT skills are struggling to find work.

The committee called for the agency to « improve its ability to assess and address the risk of employers failing to comply with immigration rules by developing better systems and placing greater priority on compliance ».

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