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Kids back ID card scheme From The Westmorland Gazette

Kids back ID card scheme From The Westmorland Gazette

The voluntary scheme is being pioneered at Ulverston Victoria High School in Ulverston, but Kendal and Coniston schools have already shown interest in taking part.

Implementing the nationally recognised scheme is PC Simone Cookson, a member of the Community Orientated Problems Solvers Team in Ulverston.

She said the cards allowed youngsters to prove their age for things like renting a video, and shopkeepers to identify if they were old enough to buy alcohol.

« The card scheme works both ways as there are advantages for the children and for shopkeepers, » said PC Cookson. « Obviously it stops them buying tobacco and alcohol if they are

under age but it helps them if they are trying to get into the cinema or get half price travel. » PC Cookson said she would like to see every child in Furness and South Lakeland carrying a card.

Following the success at UVHS, PC Cookson said she would be visiting Queen Katherine School in Kendal and John Ruskin School in Coniston to promote the scheme next term. Best Fake ID websites

Coordinator of personal social education and head of religious education at Queen Katherine Jane Henderson said some youngsters had already applied for the cards.

« It is a good initiative as it protects the pupils and reassures them, » she said.

To receive a free card, pupils must fill in an application form and have their pictures taken. Before the card is dispatched, the school has to verify pupils have put down their correct date of »It is similar to applying for a passport as there are strict regulations that they have to go through before they receive a card. It is to check they have not used a false date of

birth, » said PC Cookson.

London based Citizen Card said young people who applied direct to them for a card had to get an upstanding member of the community to sign it, such as police officer, doctor or solicitor. fake ids

Unlike the response to the Government’s proposal for everyone in the country to carry photo ID cards, which some people say infringes civil liberties, the Ulverston scheme has wonUVHS head teacher Melanie Saunders said a large proportion of the 1,200 pupils had taken up the offer.

« There are advantages for the school and for the pupils. Some of them look older than they are and have problems getting half price travel. They can now prove their age by showing the

card. » UVHS pupil Louis Ashburner, 14, said: « I don’t look my age and used to struggle getting into the cinema. Now I have the card I have no problems. »

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