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Mexican ID Card

Mexican ID Card

Hundreds of stateline immigrants get a new lease on life with ID cards from the Mexican consulate. These cards are so valuable to Mexicans in Rockford

Juan Gonzalez waited in lines for most of the day to get an identification card from the Mexican consulate. He hopes it can provide a better life for him, his wife and two kids. He says it’s very important. in the morning. filltrustid Over the next few days the consulate expects to issue 1500 identification cards.

« Here it’s really useful to open bank accounts and to get on airplanes. It’s really useful for us. It could help us with our immigration status, » says Oralba Dereal.

« We want to be able to make it possible here in Rockford that this will be an official form of id. Scannable Fake IDs Banks are already recognizing it. So it’s working really good, » Tanechka McDonald says.

The Mexican consulate has issued about two million Mexican ID cards over the past two years. With so many in circulation, it will be hard to ignore them. Scannable Fake ID

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